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Any peel that can be used at home?

can u tell any peel used in home? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: chemical peel Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels December 15 shekar

December 15 shekar
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Curatio Neoskin cream for daily use?

hi, i went to my dermatologist for an under eye peel treatment. post peel treatment he gave me a bit of neoskin to apply on my face. I kind of liked the fragrance of neoskin. I want to ask that can I use that cream as a sunscreen and moisturizer on a daily basis or […]

November 26 ankush nagpal
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Chemical peeling left dark marks

Wish I had come across this site earlier…. Anyway , I had a peeling treatment done a year ago on my hands to get rid of  sun burn marks. But unfortunately the peeling treatment did not help in fact the treatment made my skin worse, dark and patchy. It appeared that the treatment further burnt […]

November 15 saashuu
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need help spots

hiii.. AM.. can u plss suggest me.. how can i remove dark spots on my face n tan also.. i’v already used kojivit bt there s no result.. peeling is gud for my skin.. i m 23yrs old..nd my skin is little dark also.. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels October 20 […]

October 20 sudesna
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Flutivate cream post peeling??

Hi, today i under went my first chemical peel(40% GA) and my derma prescribed me Flutivate cream to apply for two days and then resume to my usual acne regimen, does anyone know abt dis cream and dis cream was even applied to me after peeling process was done?? And one more thing my doc […]

October 12 Ajazz
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When to do Chemical peel

Hi, is it necessary to hav pimple free skin to under go peeling? Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels October 6 Ajazz

October 6 Ajazz


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