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Going for a second peel on 14th...a few doubts!

Okay, so in my previous query, i revealed how outta ignorance i ate a tablet and applied cream on my spots the very night of my first chemical peel(i.e day before yest). Thankfully, I havent noticed anything bad on my skin yet. The concentration of my first peel was 50%. I’ll be going for my […]

October 4 Manju Sharma
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Best place to get a chemical peel done in Bangalore ?

I have read the review of the kaya chemical peel session by Teju Priya. Good review! I wanted to know if there is any more clinic in banglore which offer such service. Main aim is to reduce the hyperpigmentation dark spots. Looking for some cheaper option, since august rush offer is over at kaya. Current […]

October 3 anonymous1
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Help! I got a chemical peel yesterday but ate Isotretinoin tablet and applied Advan cream the following night!

My skin is moderately-heavily scarred. So I got a Glycolic acid chemical peel (50%) yesterday. But the following night, I ate Isotretinion tablet and applied Advan skin cream to my scars. Today morning I read that you must not apply any of your acne products for at least 2 days after the peel. I am […]

October 3 Manju Sharma
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Reviews on Kaya Skin Clinic Insta Purify Service?

I have been thinking on trying the insta skin purify service from kaya skin clinic. Has anybody here availed this service of theirs before? How was your experience? Do any of you have any idea hows the kaya skin clinic in faridabad (haryana)? Votes: 0 Answers: 9 Tags: chemical peel Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels […]

September 30 shibani
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Is CO2 laser fyn for removal of moles on face? or it do have some side effects?

Can i go for it? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels September 11 Mansi

September 11 Mansi
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Is salicyclic peel fine if taken at an age of 25?

Hi Herez mah story!! but firstly i wanna tell you that i actualy love this site.. i m gainin loads of information.. waOoO.. u truely made mah day!! Anyhw.. I have an acne infact i do have small little tiny acne that actualy visible if somebody sees mah face very closely.. I m actualy pissed […]

September 6 Mansi


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