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UV teeth bleaching safe for skin?

Hello all Has anyone done teeth bleaching ?? Uv lights they give in laser teeth whitening  it has any affect on skin?? Has anyone done it?? Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels September 1 pinky

September 1 pinky
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Dermatologist recommendation in Delhi?

hey, can anyone suggest me effective and affordable dermatologist in delhi for chemical peel as i m really confused plzzz and thanks in advance. Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Tags: chemical peel dermatologist Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels August 20 rk6702

August 20 rk6702
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Chemical peels for darkness around mouth?

hey,i have hyperpigmentation around my mouth area which looks very it has been there for 6-8 months now it had gone lighter though but it still looks bad and deep right now i m using kaya pigmentation reducer and carofit ultra but i want some quick results can i try chemical peel will it help […]

August 18 rk6702
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Laser hair removal and acne

Hi guys, first let me thank you for all the information you have given me!! U r a real life saver!! Been facing acne for 3 yrs and now from ur site my skin is starting to clear up wirh only a 1 or 2 occasional smal pimples. I have been following the regimen given […]

July 31 saika
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retises ct chemical peel

is retises ct peel  phenol peel? is it very strong peel? is it very deep peel? is it safe to do at home? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels July 23 pinky

July 23 pinky
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How much improvement from chemical peels?

Hii, if chemical peeling is done hw much vl skin texture improve i mean by wat % it may improve n list sum effective chemical peels? Votes: 0 Answers: 26 Tags: chemical peel Categories: Laser / Chemical Peels July 21 Ajazz

July 21 Ajazz


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