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Amway products for oily/ acne prone skin?

Hi Tejupriya I am asking this question on behalf of one of my friend..Do u hav any idea about Amway products..its range of cleansers, facewash, moisturizer, sunscreens, bodywash & bodylotions & other cosmetics.. Are amway products suitable for oily/Acne prone skin?? Thanks Shafali Votes: 0 Answers: 11 Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics August 25 shafaligarg

August 25 shafaligarg
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Can a BB Cream be used for makeup?

Hello! How can a BB cream be used for makeup? As a concealer for acne marks or as a light to medium coverage foundation for an everyday makeup regime? Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: bb cream Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics August 25 Shivani

August 25 Shivani
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A good compact for acne prone skin?

Hi all   Any recomendations for a light compact / face powder for Acne prone skin ? easily availbale in bangalore Votes: 0 Answers: 15 Tags: face powder Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics August 19 gswey059

August 19 gswey059
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Shahnaz Husain Shabase Sandalwood Protective Base?

Has anyone got hold of this? I can’t find a full ingredient list online. Active ingredients are  Sandalwood, Butter Tree Extract and Indian Water Lily. And if you do have access to an ingredient list, could you add it here for me, please?   And if you’ve USED it, did it work for you? It’s just […]

August 17 rohini
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Make Up For Ever Products now available on MedPlus Beauty - For All Primer, Foundation, Bronzer Users!! – for all the primer, foundation, bronzer questions, this brand is now available on med Plus beauty. check out the products, the primer base is oil free & the powder blush, mineral powder & make up base all look good at a glance. If someone is willing to do some research on these products, do […]

August 8 LD
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Have you used make-up primers suitable for acne prone skin?

Has anybody used a good make-up primer that worked for your acne-prone skin without causing any breakouts? I checked the NYX and Makeup Forever ones on Skingredients and found that they don’t have any acne causing ingredients – but they are quite pricy. I don’t want to spend so much on stuff i’ll use rearely. […]

July 31 Anuja


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