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skin whitining creams

hi..i ‘ve a combination skin and often get acne on my forehead , nose and chin.plz  guide me with some whitining day creams suitable for my skin type. Can i use garnier white complete cream?? and also help me to choose facewash or soap for my skin   Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Makeup / […]

July 30 dipika
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olliza gel

Hiii AM, i want to buy olliza gel and i even tried their site. but they are not ready to send a single cream pack by mail. i live in sikkim. i study here, i want to order it online. but problem here is that they are not sending olliza gel to this place. […]

July 29 rahul
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Please recommend a suitable BB cream or a concealer

Hello everyone! 🙂 My face is darn oily and I have pimples on my forehead Could someone please recommend a BB cream or a concealer that does not result in a breakout or does not  increase the oil secretion? Also the skin around the pimples is a bit flaky as I’ve been using Benzac AC (2.5%) […]

July 20 Shivani
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Which brand of makeup is good for blush and bronzing?

I wanted to try some face contouring. After applying foundation, I use a little blush from Sephora brand, but I wanted to try some new products and colors. Which brands of make-up are non comedogenic and suitable for oily acne prone skin? Votes: 0 Answers: 6 Categories: Makeup / Cosmetics July 17 Anuja

July 17 Anuja
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Spot treatment & which makeup foundation?

hi i just came across your website when i was looking for acne solution and subscribed to it immediately.. 🙂 my problem is dat i get blind pimples mostly in clustered form which are very painful and take a long time to go. so i wanted good spot treatment cream dat can hel p me […]

July 16 gressa
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Foundation suggestions

Hi, I got an allergy due to some product and I have severe bout of acne because of that. I am currently following your starter regimen and it is working. Once this is sorted I want to buy some makeup for my acne prone oily skin. I am just starting off with makeup for dailywear. […]

July 9 shachi


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