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My Experiment with Glyco-A & Retino-A

Disclaimer: I Do not claim that this regimen would work. Do not try this at home unless your skin is super strong like mine 🙂 @acnemantra & Team, As you are aware, i have been using retino-A for over a month and due to my impatience was not able to see any changes. Then i […]

May 4 Boss
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What products would be suitable for a person with APST 3 with polycystic ovarian disease.

I have very much oily and acne prone skin. i suffer from PCOD but since few months my menses are regular  with normal flow and i am not on any medications. but every month i get at least 1 or 2 pus filled pimples and this used to happen even before i had pcod. they […]

April 29 anushree
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Fairness-Suggestions and Products Required

Since there are many acne sufferers who are FAIR .. i am not sure if this has been dealt in detail. I am a south indian who has a wheatish complexion and who is suffering from dark marks. Still on a overall facial perspective.. are there any fairness creams that will help. Currently am taking […]

April 27 Boss
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Dark spots cure

I hv lot of dark tiny spots on my right cheek which are very very slightly pitted n I hv started using triacneal n I gt d blackhead breakouts on my current no acne skin.i want a fast sure cure for these spots n I found kojovit too mild with just 2% ..any better options? […]

April 27 Nikita Patil
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How much mesotherapy for full face cost?

As i have few brown spots on my cheeks and open pores dermatologist recommended mesotherapy 6 sittings and pixel 6 sittings want to know how much is cost for both treatments is it nescessary. Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Categories: Dark Spots / Scars April 23 Amber

April 23 Amber
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Getting rid of acne scars

I have heard a lot about mederma. It takes good care of scars but i’m not sure whether it will help in eliminating acne scars. It’s quite fast in action but i haven’t tried it yet as i don’t know if it would be safe. And what about soframycin antiseptic? Does it help? Is there […]


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