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Indulekha satapatri cream

Hi All, I seem to find lot of positive reviews in the internet about indulekha satapatri cream. Can anyone review this based on personal experience. @Acnemantra: This cream seems to fade tan marks and pigmentation from acne. Would request you to review and share your opinion to us. Probably many of us would try using […]

April 3 Boss
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Need Suggestion for removing sun tanning

HI Acne Mantra, I have been reading many discussions from last one week. After reading many articles i find my skin type is APST2 + Sun Tan patches on neck, chin, nose and forehead + Dark Circles + open pores. I think Basic Regimen will be good for me but i am notsure. In the […]

April 2 Neha Gupta
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Nutmeg mask

Well I apply a nutmeg paste with turmeric and milk on my entire face n it really helps my dark spots and acne but I want to know ‘ll this mask gv new pimples ? Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Categories: Dark Spots / Scars March 30 Nikita Patil

March 30 Nikita Patil
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Which is best and pure aloe Vera gel I can use to massage my face?

Aloe Veda, khadi aloe vera gel – carbomer,sodium hydroxide which irritate the skin, forest essentials aloevera gel- having wheat germ or rustic art aloe Vera gel. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: aloe vera massage Pimple Categories: Dark Spots / Scars March 28 Priyan

March 28 Priyan
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Which is better- La Roche posay effaclar duo or Avene triacneal?

Hello, I have a whole patch of scars on my cheeks left by recent acne. I have both La roche posay effaclar duo and avene triacneal. I am confused as to which one is more effective and faster. Can I use both?  Like Effaclar duo in morning and triacneal at night. Please suggest. Thanks Divya […]

March 26 Divya
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How to reduce dark spots which are left on my face and neck due to hot steam burns

Hi, Recently i have cooker burst due to that hot steam burns are left on my face right side and neck and i met a dermatoligist and i initially started up with Glycolic Acid and Efaderm Moisturizer . in middle i used skinlite for faster response but initially it worked well and dark spots are […]

March 25 sravanthi


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