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Please help me- aggressive acne and acne scar problems?

Hi guys, i am Bargavi from TN.before asking your suggestions let me present my case history.please tolerate friends it going to be a lengthy one. it all started when i was diagnosed with papillary cancer-thyroid at the age of 18 when i was doing per my doctors suggestion i got my entire thyroid gland […]

March 23 Bargavi R
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Acne scars treatment

Hey i m 20 yrs old male and i had some serious acne in my past.. I guess it wwas cystic in. Nature… Although i. Have got it under control now but eveen now sometimes 1 or 2 cysts come up n they leave scars for sure.. Uptil now i have too many scars on […]

March 23 Shubh
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Facemed Gel under eyes

Can facemed gel by ethicare remedies be used under eyes to combat dark circles, and the ingredients look quite impressive for same. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Dark Spots / Scars March 22 Abby3

March 22 Abby3
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Safe Tan removal cream?

Http:// Guys , is this Nature`s Essence Tan removal cream safe for acne prone skin ? The complete list of ingredients are not given and yet people claim it works. My head says NO. but I love searching up tan removal products anyway 😛 Long hours of swimming during childhood and teens had left me […]

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Suggestion for change in skin regimen

Hi AM, Hope you are in the best of the anti acne world :).I have been on the starter regimen for about 2 months now(morning AHA followed by Kaya sunscreen,evening Kaya soothing gel followed by kojivit and sebonac).Aloveda gel as and when skin got dry.Since skin felt dry even after alovera gel,i switched to Neutrogena […]

March 20 panchali
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Best facewash n cream for acne scares n spots

Hi , I have gone thru ur portal found some products as follows Plz suggest the best as per you. Facewash : ahaglow , glommed , rejuglow Cream: kojivit , rejuglow gel Also can u suggest which website sell rejuglow products as it is not avail in medical stores in mumbai Skin type: oilly Rgds […]

March 17 sam


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