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Purging after the use of Avene triacneal?

Hello everybody! Well, I started using Avene triacneal on your recommendation @acnemantra and I must say…it is a very good product! Although I have been using it for only a little over a week its good. It does not sting or irritate my face. For the first 4-5 days it did not break me out and […]

May 8 nita shenoy
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Alternative to Yugard cream?

I was prescribes a Yugard creame by my doctor because of my acne/pimple prone skin and that creme helped me a lot but recently the cream has got out of stock please suggest me an alternative. Votes: 0 Answers: 10 Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments May 7 Pree

May 7 Pree
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Suggestions on Very tiny whiteheads & uneven skin tone..?

Hi Acne Mantra & all members, i had posted another answer in previous thred..but there were no reply, i think nobody noticed that. Then u know that i m only suffering from tiny whiteheads..but a week ago i went to one day picnic,n due to harsh sun expore for continuos three hours i broke ot […]

May 7 Romi
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Hello sir. …nw I m using medorma …its peeling my skin..reducing streached scars very very little by little. …for how many months I should use this….side affect will occur or nt Read ness & black spots are nt reducing that much Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments May 7 prince

May 7 prince
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Excessive oliy skin with inflamed pimples even after following starter regimen

Hi Sonal/AM/friends, I have a very oily skin with open pores, whiteheads n blackheads which soon turn into painful pimples. I have started following the starter regimen as mentioned on Acne Mantra and strictly following it. Morning : Sebamed foam facewash Evening : Kaya soothing cleansing gel followed by triacneal. I still get excessive oil […]

May 6 Anu
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Can I use Ketonext AF for face as well?

Hi AM, I am again suffering from the iching acne on my face.. especially forehead, side cheeks and chin. Initially I was trying some neem tulsi home packs but in vain. Finally I went to a dermatologist today and he prescribed following. ‘Onon ketoconazole soap’ for washing the face ‘Hydrofil’ in the morning as a […]

May 6 Shiks


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