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Large pimples

Large pimples looks like small tumours is all over my chins my face is oil type i have used acnofight garnier men but no use the scars are everywhere and i have used acnolac-az bt that also no use.the larger pimples are under the skin for many days and looks very bad can you recommend […]

May 11 kumar
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Suggestions on thyroid & Vit d, calcium deficiency

Hi   I got my medical tests done for thyroid & vit D as in spite of a proper skin care regimen, i was still getting very small breakouts without any reason & my bad luck, i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism & deficient in calcium & vit D.   For thyroid, doc has asked […]

May 10 shafaligarg
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Acne around mouth due to PCOD?

Hello AM, i would like to know whether pimples occurring around the mouth and near the chin area are a sign of PCOD? I was diagnosed with right ovarian chocolate cyst and poly cystic left ovary in January 2013. Thr right ovarian cyst was removed in july 2013. In March 2014 USG left ovary shows […]

May 9 Somya
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Cosmetic Surgeries

Has anyone gone through cosmetic surgeries..? I need your own personal experience/review for any of the procedures such as Dermaroller /chemical peel etc.. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment May 6 Shuvam Mahapatra

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VitaminA and ultralow dose accutane

Hi AM, How much vitamin A does an ultralow dose of 5mg isotroin equal to?i read on the net that it equals just around 20,000iu. Is it true?!Any idea? Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment May 3 kriya

May 3 kriya
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My Regimen for aggressive acne and hyper-pigmented scars

Hi friends @acnemantra, my previous thread please help me-aggressive acne and acne scar problem got lengthy, so i decided to start a new one. just a recap-i was getting red big painful acne not heeling for weeks and left brown derma prescribed me  lymecycline for 15 days and topicals morning-vulros soap(bp-2%) and A-CN cream(clindamycin 1%, […]

May 3 Bargavi R


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