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Evion vitamin E + Limcee capsules for glowing skin?

hi….can i take evion 600,3 capsules per day along with limcee 500, 3 capsules per day for glowing skin??….i am 22 years old …….plz advice…. Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Tags: vitamin E Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment May 24 cartoon network

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Suggestions for chronic acne of 10 years?

Hello, First of all thanks for this very usefull website… I m 26yrs old. I have acne since teenage. My skin has become very dull. I have lot of marks incl pitted marks on my cheek. now i dont get acne on my forehead but i get them often on rest of the face. they […]

May 16 bs1987
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Excellent website & help needed!

First of all , Let me really wish you wholeheartedly on starting this site for acne prone Indian skin sufferers, did not know that we had some thing like this in India to help Indian skin. After having extensively researched on foreign (” mostly US sites) for all kinds of information on acne/hyperpigmentation etc, this […]

May 15 LD
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Acne came back after Sotret / Accutane plus hair fall

Wow what a site for all those guys/gals suffering from the clutches of acne !!!! I am a 22 yr old guy who has been suffering from severe acne for best part of 3 years now. I consulted a dermatologist in 2009 end  and he prescribed Sotret 20 for me. I was under medication for 5 months […]

May 11 jpg_1990
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How to stop using Betnovate / MMS / steroid cream?

Hi, my skin has become so used to applyin MMS cream every 3-4 days that when I dont apply it I get small rashes all over my face. I know MMS cream is not good for long term use but can’t replace it with anything. My skin has become used to it and nothing is helping.   Sometimes  my […]

April 24 AM
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Is Green Tea good for acne prone skin?

What are green tea benefits for acne prone skin?  Does drinking green tea help acne? Are green tea containing creams good for acne prone skin? Is green tea good for purifying blood and hence clearing pimples? Votes: 0 Answers: 7 Tags: green tea Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments Doctors / Medical Treatment April 4 […]

April 4 AM


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