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How to get rid of whiteheads??

Hello AM 🙂 good morning… my skin is APST 2 … i dont get pimples on face…but sometimes small pimples.,.i think thats because of whiteheads… and oil… i get acne on chest and back too… currently i m using himalaya neem face wash… evamore sunguard…medimix soap for body … honey for reducing popped up acne…almond […]

May 11 Sunita
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LIP CARE regimen

Hai 🙂 Myself zahira , im new to Acne mantra and im reely excited to be hea ! well lemme not exagerate hea to take ua advise on a good lip care regimen .. my upper lips are noticably dark and i am using lemon and honey for a month to lighten it but […]

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Acne on cheeks due to oilyness,what to do???

I used to have normal skin,but when i got whiteheads i used benzac ac and hell broke down on my skin my skin was itcy and red and i started to get inflamed acne.i stoped using benzac but my t-zone became i have a super oily t zone with acne.please help me out. Votes: […]

May 9 ANNA
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My regimen is not working

Hi all, I have had acne from my teens till I was 28 and what stopped it was saslic ds and acnacare tablets. I researched acnacare and I figured that zinc was what was helping me out. Three years down the line I stumbled across this website and in order to get a bit fairer […]

May 5 PD
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"Which anti ageing cream is good with natural ingredient & with no side effect?"

Dear AM, I have gone through your review which are really helpful but still I need your advice for a perticular product since as per my age I am 27yrs + and I have just started noticible lines under my eyes and pigmentation on my skin.I had visited dermatologist, he suggested me yogurt it cleared […]

April 27 Noor
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Why not home remedies?

I have gone through most of this site but i haven’t found anything on natural home remedies for treating pimples and keeping your skin clear. Acnemantra, i would like your’ll to suggest some effective and safe home remedies as well if it’s appropriate for the skin. 🙂 Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Categories: Miscellaneous April 24 […]


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