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Sharing a Paper Article on Skincare

Though these are points known already, worth reminding ourselves. I just replaced my first office coffee with milk!   Votes: 2 Answers: 8 Tags: articles skincare Categories: Miscellaneous April 22 SandyTheCat

April 22 SandyTheCat
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How to use toner??

Hi all I am thinking of adding a toner in regimen as i have read many times that we should use it after washing face to close the pores..but have various questions..would be great if you can help.. 1) Do we really need toner?? 2) If we really need, then how should we use it?? […]

April 21 shafaligarg
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Not receiving email notifications?

Hi guys, Recently the website was shifted to a new server. Since then, email notifications about new questions, answers, comments and new registrations are getting lost at random. I’m aware of this problem and working on it. This is the reason no new people have been able to register for the last whole week. 🙁 […]

April 18 AM
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Anybody got footcrack?

Hi friends @acnemantra, I got foot crack since I can was terrible during my school the place where I live summer starts in the second week of January and lasts till September and as per my school’s uniform code I had to wear ballerina shoes and socks.foot cracks got terrible during college cos […]

April 16 Bargavi R
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Is Salt Comedogenic?

Hi guys, this question keeps coming up often. Is salt (sodium chloride) comedogenic? It seems to be marked highly comedogenic in many comedogenic lists on the Internet but not in Skingredients. Sodium Chloride isn’t included in Acne Mantra comedogenic list because used in its purest form, it isn’t comedogenic. Table salt is often laced with iodine, which is a […]

April 15 AM
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Can the skin ingredient tool detect botanical names?

Hi @acnemantra i am currently interested in some herbal sunscreens especially biotique red sandalwood spf 50 .i checked it’s ingredients in our skin showed “0 acne causing ingredients”.the ingredients were all botanical names Santalum album oil (chandal tail) 0.25%, Withania somnifetra (ashwagandha) extract 2%, mesua ferrea extract 1% (nagkesr kwath), Triticum vulgare (Ankurit Gehun […]

April 14 Bargavi R


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