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Some suggestions, queries for website.

Hii @acnemantra ! =D Like to say some points : 1. It will be better if you introduce EDIT and DELETE options so that ppl can EDIT and DELETE their comments and posts BY THEIR OWN ONLY. Because it happens sometimes that we write unnecessary things and realise it later or write offending words or […]

January 25 nerd
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ENTERTAINMENT (Gossip) : The most strange/funny advice you ppl have got?

What’s the most strange/funny advice you ppl have got for skin problems’ treatment? Votes: 1 Answers: 2 Categories: Miscellaneous January 25 nerd

January 25 nerd
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Who are you missing?

Who are missing right now in the community? Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Categories: Miscellaneous January 25 Venki Jay

January 25 Venki Jay
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Dedicate a song

Dedicate a song to your favorite person in the community. Votes: 0 Answers: 6 Categories: Miscellaneous January 25 Venki Jay

January 25 Venki Jay
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Entertainment in the community

Surely community would be boring without entertainment. It seems we need have some fun here by creating entertaining threads. With this we can create good rapport with each other and everyone would feel happy to visit the community often. Howzzz idea? Votes: 2 Answers: 14 Categories: Miscellaneous January 24 Venki Jay

January 24 Venki Jay
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Shampoo for hair

Is there a non comedogenic shampoo available in India? I think its important to use one that will not irritate the face or cause acne. Votes: 0 Answers: 9 Tags: Shampoo Categories: Miscellaneous January 24 PD

January 24 PD


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