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Mirror Mirror on the wall!!!!

Hi All, This is something i find quite puzzling. I am sure you might too. It is about Mirrors. I have a strong feeling that many mirrors misguide us 🙂 One mirror says my acne is reduced.. the other one exposes my open pores to a greater extent. I might sound funny or confusing. Have […]

January 22 Boss
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2nd week of starter regime...

Hello @AM.. I am in my second week of starter regimen and using exactly the same products mentioned in regimen.. My skin texture is improving and scars are fading.. But I am getting pimples around my lips ( where I never got pimples till now).. what could be the reason??? Further I am taking sildenafil […]

January 19 Dimpi gupta
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Want to thank for the generous help !!

Hi everybody, Am subbalakshmi. Had posted a question with the title  43 and still getting pimples. Actually I wanted to post under that topic. But with the limited knowledge I have , not able to find how to fit in a reply into that post. Hence am writing here. Wanted to thank Acne mantra and all […]

January 18 subbalakshmi
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On Starter Regimen 2n week

Dear AM, This is Siva, I have come accross your site two months back while searching acne solution. Your website seemed to have been authentic and with accurate info. Thank you guys for this one point stop for all acne sloutions. Mine is Oily skin with acne prone may be APST3. I have develpoed acne dark spots a […]

January 18 Siva
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Hi AM, Could you explain how to tag names when you are replying to some one's question?

Hi AM, I needed some help in understanding how to tag people when you reply to some one’s question. For eg- if there is a new post & I am replying to that post but I also want to tag people concerned to that post so that they can also see my answer?  how do […]

January 17 LD
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Is Ozone Ray beneficial for Acne treatment ?

Hi All, I am new to AcneManta, but I have been following the blog for quite some time now. I am basically from Kolkata wher weather is super humid, but was staying in Bangalore for quite sometime. While in Bangalore I did not have any major Acne Breakout, else but occasional hormonal ones. But after […]

January 16 shampita


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