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Very dry-combination skin with acne. request suggestions!

Hi! Firstly dear Sonal aka AM – thanks! Grazie! For this awesome site! This is a blessing. I never had acne in my teens & now in my 30s am fighting an occasional one/cluster. Have some of these tough white ones under the skin on my nose, which don’t seem to go away! What are […]

January 15 Manasy
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43 year old and still getting pimples !!

Has been struggling for a long time with pimples. Done lot of treatments. As an emcee, has to appear on stage from time to time with make up. Though the severity of acne has come down over the years,  each acne leaves behind ugly, big , black mark and scar thereafter. I develop blackhead also which turns to […]

January 15 subbalakshmi
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Get Rid From Acne

Hi,I am Debaditya,I am suffering from acne atleast five years and I became very depressed from this.I have tried many medicines,doctors e.t.c.Doctor prefer me Erytop,Nadoxin et.c but I have no good effect all of this.I have many acnes and pimples in my forehead & Chicks & in my back also.And it creats  many scars and […]

January 13 Debaditya Bhaskar
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Plz suggest suitable Facial for senstive, oily & acne prone skin .

Hello Everyone, I have very sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. I use Fash Foam cleanser, Zoray aqua gel sunscreen & Faceclin gel. I have never get done facial before, as I am going to get married in Feb so day before yesterday I get done O3 facial as beautician suggested me this one. I […]

January 13 arti
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Timeline to determine if you have completely stopped getting acne

Hello AM. My last question was a bit along some specific lines. Thus I believe that it’d be answerable. This question of mine is a bit “out there”. I believe all of us have faced this dilemma to whether or not stop using acne cure/ prevention techniques and move into a more general facewash and […]

January 11 sumit
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Suggestion for facial kit

Pls can u suggest a facial kit for acne prone skin since their is a marraige at my place n it can be easily available. pls suggest me it will be of great help Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Miscellaneous January 9 kevin

January 9 kevin


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