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Under eye cream

Can anyone please suggest a good remedy for dark circles. heard that some creams cause acne Votes: 0 Answers: 0 Categories: Miscellaneous April 4 rinky

April 4 rinky
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Tiny skin bumps after trimming eyebrows

Hi friends, i had my eyebrows trimmed (with a thread)  at a parlour yesterday.i always feel a slight burning sensation in the areas around my eyebrows for a couple hours.i would come home and rub icecubes on it. in the next few days i get a lot tiny tiny skin bumps in that area and […]

March 26 Bargavi R
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Acne and pimples caused by oily scalp

What products can help in getting rid of oily and itchy scalp? My scalp literally gets oily in just 1 day without shampoo, no matter even if it’s winter or any other season. This might also be the reason for my severe acne on my forehead. Votes: 0 Answers: 4 Tags: Oily scalp acne Categories: […]

March 26 Prerana Singh
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Tons of new products with info added

Hi guys, Tons of new products have been added to the reviews section today. Except for a couple of men’s products, all of them contain full ingredient lists, comedogenic info, price, size etc. So check them out if you’ve been considering any of them. And if you’ve used any or all of them, please do […]

March 25 AM
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Venusia Cream and Retino A 0.025%

Guys I need to know , esp. from AM … can I mix venusia cream ( Dr reddy) and Retino A 0.025% and apply to my face , My Target is Anti aging Only , pls help me Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Miscellaneous March 21 rakesh

March 21 rakesh
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Availability of Genuine Oragnic coldpressed extravigin coconut oil

Hi Everyone, I would definitely hope to get the link for the Availability of Genuine Organic coldpressed extravigin coconut oil…from all my lovely friends on acnemantra…recently loads and loads of skin, hair and overall health benefits has been revealed al over….the only issue is to get it available as it comes in big jar compressed […]

March 21 VINITA R


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