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Need serious help!!

Hi AM, I have combination skin, my daily acne regimen is(adopted it like a week ago), Morning: Garnier men Power Light intensive fairness face wash (it contains salicylic acid too) Lotus Herbals uvscreen matte gel spf-50 Evening: Himalaya neem face wash (sometimes himalaya exfloiting face wash) sebonac gel Still i am getting these pimples, they […]

March 21 Hero Aaj Kal
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Scalp treatment - Painful bumps

Hi AM, Sorry for staggering my questions,pardon my forgetfullness.I have had frequent change of places in the past 1 year(kolkata-jaipur-noida) and hence the water and weather has also contributed to skin and hair problems is what my guess is.Here is what my problem area is: 1.Used to apply parachute advanced hair oil for the past […]

March 20 panchali
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Starter Regimen for APST-2 ?

Can people with APST-2 go for Starter Regimen? Which Regimen is best for APST-2, Starter Regimen or Basic Regimen? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Miscellaneous March 19 Venki Jay

March 19 Venki Jay
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How to control excessive oil secretion (and sebum production) DURING SLEEPING HOURS?

How can we control excessive oiliness, sebum production during the sleeping hours? (Well it has 1/3rd part of the whole day). Can one apply MARKAL/CALAK LOTION above acne cream to do this? Any other suggestion? Votes: 0 Answers: 12 Categories: Miscellaneous March 18 nerd

March 18 nerd
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Need solution for greying of hair.

Hi AM and friends, 🙂 I have another question although it is not related to acne but it is related to skin. There is only one hair that is white but the problem is that it is present on my chin. It is easy to colour hair if its on head but I cannot colour […]

March 16 Aarav
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About Salmon fish oil

Hello, Can anyone pls help me find out the difference in fish oil dat we all are loving these days(natures bounty fish oil and salmon fish oil) i jus read lot of health and skin benefits one gets with salmon fish…i wondered is it safe to acneprone ppl to use…Wud it be great option for […]

March 15 VINITA R


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