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Zinc and vitamin d3

So can vitamin d3 and zinc supplements be taken at the same time and how much would they benefit? Votes: 0 Answers: 11 Categories: Miscellaneous March 15 Ankit

March 15 Ankit
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Oatmeal Face Pack for Acne!!

Hi friends, After i joined AM, i am so addicted to this site that, whatever good or bad happens in my skincare i cant keep myself sharing with you.:) So last week i was preparing oats porridge and while i was pouring it into serving bowls, i took out one big spoon of it before […]

March 14 indurahul
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Need suggestions for skin lightening creams or gels to lighten my face complexion

Hey!am can anyone help me,!! suggest me a good skin lightening cream or gel that is good for lightening face complexion and free from steroids and suggest a non comodogenic one!! waiting for your help!! Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: skin lightening gels or creams for lightening face complexion Categories: Miscellaneous March 14 rakesh579

March 14 rakesh579
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How to keep cleanser which come in PUMPS (Like Sebamed Cleansing Foam) while travelling?

Hii folks! Hii @acnemantra ! There are various face washes like Sebamed CLeansing Foam which come in the form of pumps. Handwashes MOSTLY are in the form of pups only. And this makes them to be so uncomfortable for travelling because of spilling! Any one has any idea/trick of how to deal with it? Votes: […]

March 13 nerd
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I'm looking for a post and can't find it! And so, a suggestion

I’m  looking for the list of safe foundations AM posted a long, long time ago – I was trawling through products when I got a 404 message past page 4!   Dear @AcneMantra, can you collate all your recommendation LISTS in a handy drop down bar? You had so many, for cleansers, moisturisers, makeup things […]

March 12 rohini
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Suggestions on my regimen

Hey, I have pimples since last 10 years and have been on treatments for a long time. During the treatment acne reduces and it resumes once I stop taking medicines. As of now I have 5- 6 small acne breakouts on my skin, the basic problem is the small red pimples and the marks on […]

March 12 shruti soumya


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