Cetaphil cleansing lotion’s bad reviews


I love cetaphil cleansing lotion.I know it doesn’t cleans well but I always felt it is gentle on my skin.

Its kinda savior when my skin gets irritated.

But after reading some reviews given on the below links I am confused.

These folks claims that the ingredients of cetaphil  are not at all good for the skin.

But others even dermas recommend cetaphil cleansing lotion while on acne treatment.


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doesnt work for me , cetaphil. Anything that doesnt clean well aint my thing. *thug style *


dont use cetaphil lotion and its also  not recommended in any regimn .stick to regimn.


Cetaphil lotion is basically suited for sensitive and irritated skin.the best way to use,it is to be used alone when u dont wear any suncreen and make up.
U have to add a good neutral cleanser in addition to cetaphil.for ex,wash ur face in the evening with neutral cleanser(kaya etc) to wash off sunscreen etc.whlie going to bed use cetaphil lotion to cleanse ur face.


@sweety,it ia great cleanser while undergoing anti acne treatments.i is so mild that it can be added witha any regime.however,u have to use neutral cleansers with this.

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