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Wish I had come across this site earlier…. Anyway , I had a peeling treatment done a year ago on my hands to get rid of  sun burn marks. But unfortunately the peeling treatment did not help in fact the treatment made my skin worse, dark and patchy. It appeared that the treatment further burnt my skin 🙁

Since then I have not applied any cream or ointment to get rid of the dark patches on my hands. I have been using real aloe vera extracts but it has not helped much. Can AM and other members please suggest an ointment or lotion I can use to get rid of this patchy skin.


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Hi Saashuu, it is indeed sad that the chemical peel backfired. The best thing in this case would have been to question the doctor who administered the peel. At this point, using a treatment that will help your skin heal may help.

Elovera IMF cream is one such product you could try. It is available at medical stores. It contains sodium hyaluronate plus other skin-friendly ingredients that should help the skin recover. It is not your average cold cream type of cream, so do a patch test on a part of the hand before applying it all over. You could use it at night on the affected areas. Give it about 3-4 weeks to conclude anything about it. Perhaps you could use it on just one hand for a few weeks just to see if you notice a difference. Good luck and keep us posted! 🙂


Thanks AM! Will keep you posted.

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