Chemical Peel Queries. PLEASE HELP!


I have a few post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation spots. They are not that old. I have my sister’s wedding coming up in February. I want to get a few sessions of chemical peeling as advised by my doctor.

1.How many sitting does it usually take to show results?

2.Will there be a significant improvement after the first sitting?

3.Should I go for a glycolic acid or a lactic acid peel?

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Hi Vijeta,

1.Usually It takes 2-3 sitting to show result depending upon the skin conditions.

2.Things can not be improved overnite it takes time, have patients.

3.Your derma is the best person to decide which peel work for you, however,glycolic acid peel is considered better.



Hi Vijeta, you should see a difference from the first sitting itself as well as within the week or two after the actual peel as skin continues through the shedding and renewing cycle. You have over a month until your sis’s wedding, so you could fit in about 2 sessions maximum.

For overall skin brightening and fading marks, my choice would be a lactic peel, but as Raj said, your doctor will advise you best on the choice of peel. Marks will not entirely go away but fade a bit more in the background, but yes, this effect will be more significant than any creams and lotions will give you in a month.


Thank you for the quick reply. I had one more question.
I am in college so I will have to attend college regularly. My doctor told me that a good amount of sunscreen will be enough protection post-peel. But I have heard that sunscreen, scarfs, etc. are not enough. One must not venture out at all for a couple of days after the peel. Is that so? Moreover, it is winter-time so the sun isn’t that bright. So will a sunscreen and scarf be enough to protect my skin. Will I be able to attend College?


Hi Vijeta, did you get chemical peeling done? Pls share you’re experience. I’m also planning to go for a session today. Just curious to know …did it really help?

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