How to get clear and glowing skin?


Hiee evryone, First of all thanks for your starter works for me.i am using all the products in starter regimen except the antyacne cream.i am using keracnyl in place of i hardly have one or two breakouts in a month.actually i want to ask you now that my skin looks quite dull and certain patches near my chin can anyone suggest me any solution for fair and glowing skin?

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Hi Gill, nice to “see” you after a long time. Congratulations on your clear skin. You should consider sharing your success story as a blog post to inspire others. 🙂 To take care of dull skin, there are 2 things you can do now that your acne is under control.

1. Kaya Skin Clinic Nourishing Night Cream fairness all over the face at night. Alternate it with Keracnyl if you like.

2. Gentle scrubbing. Yeah you heard it right. Use Nivea Visage Skin Refining Scrub (not the Aqua Effect but the wider bottle, Visage). Gently very gently slide the scrub over the dull areas. This works because sometimes exfoliating treatments like Triacneal, Keracnyl manage to loosen the dead skin cells, but they still remain sort of hanging on the skin. Sloughing them off gently reveals smooth, glowing skin. Watch out for my post next week sometime for more details on this.


are you talking about this nivea scrub???


Yes, but be very very gentle and of course just like everything on this site – try at your own risk. 🙂


one more thing i want to ask … i have to follow  both scrub and night cream???


Hi Gill,

Quite the same question I too had in Mind.

Hi AM,
I recently added Triacneal in my regime ( nearly a month ago) along with Sebamed face wash(morning) + Suncote suncreen + AhaGlow(evening). It has helped clear my razor like bumps in the chin and jaw areas.It hasnt been completely wiped off but I am really happy with the results.The skin in my chin feels smooth now.Though I have 5-6 active acne bumps of my face at any given time and they do get subsided in a day or two with Triacneal.
My skin is very oily, looks shiny, dull and is without any glow. If you remember AM , when I started the regime abt 3 months ago, with Sebamed and AhaGlow alone, I had posted that my skin looks clear and fresh. I kinda lost that glow now. I know AhaGlow and Triacneal together might be harsh on my skin,but the very reason I use AhaGlow is it controls the oil on my face and makes it look clean and oil free. I use Triacneal as a spot treatment.
Mornings I apply Suncote before leaving for work. My skin looks very dull and the pores and pits looks open and wider.Suncote leaves it further shiny.Overall the skin look lifeless and dark compared  to the rest of the body.
Will a moisturizer help? I have had PCOD in the past and now post delivery I am overweight.Should the hormones to be blamed?

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