How can I get clear and glowing skin?


Hello everyone,

Fortunately i came across this site today and i was so excited to find tons of helpful information here. I think this is the best site for skin related issues i found till now in India.

I need one help here. Can somebody please suggest me that how can i get clearer and glowing skin ?

Right now i am using

1) In morning,  i am using Sunban sunscreen 20 mins before leaving outside

2)  During night time before going to bed, washing my face with Neutrogena cleanser.

3) After that i am using Dewsoft  and Kojic cream. One night i am using Dewsoft and second day i use kojic cream on my face. So i use them every other alternate days.

My pics are –

Please review and let me know your suggestions. What are my skin issues and how i can get clearer and glowing skin.

Thank you so much for your time and help.






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Also i would like to mention i am using this cleanser





hi..try the starter regimen mentioned here..pretty good


Thank you for your response. Where is the link. Could you please give me that.


Ashu use the search box to find the Starter Regimen. It’s pretty easy to use, the search box I mean.


Your skin care routine sounds simple but effective. You might want to add an exfoliating product like Glyco 6 or Olliza Gel to hasten the turnover of new skin cells. This you could use instead of Dewsoft. That is, alternate Glyco 6 and Kojic nightly.


Apart from revealing new, brighter skin, an exfoliating product will help any skin treatments you use to be absorbed more effectively.


I’m wary about the long term effects of using Kojic acid so do research some on that maybe.



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