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Hello guys!

First of all a big THANK YOU to all of you for being the wonderful and helpful people you are!

I am starting this thread since the previous one “Acne and Skin lightening” was getting too long.

I have a few updates. AHAglow has been great. But i have seen that it has not help stop formation of new pimples except on my nose where there have been almost no new formations! It just helps subdue them faster.

1. What do i use to stop with the pimples to clear the face? I tried Keracnyl cream but it broke me out.

Since i couldn’t get my hands on Glomed i got Keracnyl Face wash. I will update you guys on how its working. I am also using Kojivit gel. But that’s all that i have from removing marks and skin lightning. I tried Garnier night peeling cream but i didn’t really like it.

2. So any other suggestions? A general body whitening lotion would be great too!

As for the sunscreen i have not really found a alternative to Sunprotek and Suncote.

3. A budget sunscreen?

Also there are marks on my temples, really weird ones at that. Not like the other marks but i am pretty sure these were caused by pimples.

4.What do i do with them?

Thanks a lot for reading all that!




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Rahul, you could incorporate Sebamed Cleansing Foam in your routine to prevent new pimples. It is tolerated well even by sensitive skins. Zoray Aquagel SPF 30 is a great overall protection sunscreen that doesn’t leave the face as shiny as Suncote. It is Rs. 211 for 60 gm.

I suspect the problem around your nose may be some form of dermatitis instead of acne. Unless you are getting cysts in that area. Probably see a doctor just for that.

Vaseline has a whitening body lotion. Maybe check that out.


AM, I have done what you adviced! It was not dermatitis.

Also Vaseline didn’t exactly have good reviews! Anything else on that?

Do you think home remedies such as applying tomato and potato juice work?




I have noticed that whenever i miss more than2-3 hours of sleep/don’t sleep well, I get  a lot of big ppainful pimples. Is there anything we can read into this?


Also my skin seems to have gotten used to AHAglow and it does not really help me more. What do i do?


Rahul, you are using Keracnyl currently, isn’t it? When you can get your hands on it, Glomed really will be a good choice. It has a skin lightening ingredient liquorice that should help some. It also has a higher % of glycolic acid so you should see better results overall in terms of pimples and fading of dark marks.

About the sleep deprivation causing pimples, just post it as a new question and it will attract more replies because people don’t know that you have posted about it inside a thread that talks of pimples around the nose, AHAGlow, body skin lightening and Glomed.

I understand that you are very interested in overall skin lightening but I’m afraid skin lightening is outside the scope of this website, so maybe that’s why you are not getting very good product options and have to keep re-asking consistently.


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