Colorbar make up remover dangerous?


Hi Am,

I noticed a strange thing.i use colorbar oily skin make up day little product leaked…and i did not  wipe day i noticed that the plastic in that area corroded n became i tested it on another plastic lid.same thing happened? is it normal?…if it can make plastic into rust..what about our skin??? 🙁 i am scared!!!

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Hi Radhika, this is a great observation! Colorbar Makeup Remover contains propylene glycol as the second ingredient after water, so it is likely present in significant amounts. Now propylene glycol is a corrosive agent that can corrode not only plastic but also metal.


Propylene glycol oxidizes when exposed to air and heat, becoming very corrosive, so dipotassium phosphate is often added to it, to prevent acidic corrosion. Colorbar Makeup Remover (full ingredient list) does have dipotassium phosphate, but looks like it wasn’t able to prevent the corrosion of the plastic on which it leaked. It sounds dangerous.


This is very important information that you’ve brought forth Radhika, thank you for that girl. Perhaps try Bioderma or Johnson’s Baby Oil. Or better, a natural oil for makeup remover since your skin isn’t as acne prone.


Thank you for letting us know @radhika, such a useful observation.

Whenever I see any one harmful product in a brand, I am not confident about using any other product from the brand again 🙁 I am pondering what I can do with the Colorbar nail paints i have. Such an irrational fear, I know 🙁

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