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Hey People,

I need your advice on both these products. I have been using Retino-AC but it does not clear the imperfection and even out the skin completely (reddish small acne on cheeks). The reviews for Triacneal on this website are really good, and talk about clearing and evening out the skin. Please help should I try it. I am asking this before buying as Triacneal is pretty expensive.

Thank You.

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Hi shruti,
want to add a few more comparisons coz i have a similar question in mind.
Retino-AC never did anything for me when i used it as a teenager,unless i was taking a course of antibiotics along with it.Alone,it did nothing.
Now both sotret gel(isotretinoin gel) and adaferin gel(adapalene)do well for me.I want to know if Triacneal does better than any of these?Users,do tel if u find triacneal better than adapalene and sotret gel.


Yea Kriya,

I would request @acnemantra to throw some light.


Hiya Shruti, @kriya, I just posted my detailed experience with both these creams in the reviews section. Here are the links: Retino-A 0.025% and Avene Triacneal.


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