Best way to conceal acne and makeup tips?


hi this priyanka again with thyriod problem and chronic acne..

i use maybelline mousse foundation and liquid of them seems to cause breakout..

there are not enough good products for our kinda skin..

im thinking of trying color bar concealers..

also please guide me how to do make up on acne oily skin?

wat kinda moisturiser/sunscreen/brand etc?

which is safe?

i prefer sunscreen and streetwear compact?

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Check out this list of foundations suitable for acne prone skin.

Colorbar concealers are safe for acne prone skin. You could visit a Colorbar counter if you have it in your city. Ask for Colorbar Full Cover Concealer in your match. It is a small pot with full coverage. The sales assistant will show you how to hide the spot. If you don’t have access to a Colorbar counter, you could order their stick concealer online. The stick comes in 3 shades and unless you are quite dark, the medium shade will work for you. The stick may not cover as well as the pot concealer but will still help. With the use of a concealer, the concealed area will look just like skin. Do not rub the concealer, just dab, dab, dab.

See moisturizers and sunscreens here. You do not have to wear makeup if you don;t want to. If sunscreen and compact work for you, that’s good enough too.


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