Cosmonova nufair for scars and dark spots??


Anyone tried cosmonova nufair??

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Hiya Cartoon Network, I’ve not used it, but I just added it to the reviews section (Nufair review page) with its ingredient list. It contains some very powerful but mostly safe exfoliating and skin lightening ingredients. The only hitch is that it also contains soybean oil, rice bran oil and jojoba oil. While jojoba oil may still be okay, the rest two can potentially cause pimples.


Also, the full ingredient list is not mentioned, so it is possible that apart from these oils, it contains a comedogenic cream base which will post risk to acne prone skin too. Often a good percentage of glycolic acid and lactic acid if present in a product can keep pores clear despite oils etc. but % of these acids is not given. Anyway, I’ve added it to the reviews section. Hopefully someone who’s used it will come around and tell us more.


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