Cystic acne on nose not cured


I am using sebamed foam morning and ahaglow evning
my face amost cleared except nose. cystic acne on nose are not cleared i used adapalene for last 5 months but these r not cleared
plz suggest me a good product only cystic acne(other than avene triacneal).

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Hi Shiva Kumar, you could consider using Benzac AC 2.5% Gel. It is inexpensively available at medical stores and does not require a doctor’s prescription. It is benzoyl peroxide, which can kill acne bacteria very effectively. The only glitch is that it can darken the acne spots, which can take a long time to fade away.


Since your situation is dire, and it is only on the nose that you have trouble, it is worth trying BP. Don’t use it on the rest of the face unless you need to. BP is different from adapalance and Triacneal in that it is a strong anti-bacterial, unlike them, which are mainly pore-uncloggers. So you should fast results. Another option is Epiduo, which is a combination of adapalane and BP, and can be even stronger, but best start with Benzac and see how it goes.


Thanks @acnemantra

what about retino a?


Retino A is great for cystic acne but takes lot of time to clear all. BP is better in the sense that it can clear it very fast within 3 to 4 days. You could use BP to first clear the existing ones & retino A can help in long run by controlling the frequency of occurrence.


Thank you @LD

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