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Hey all,

I planning to start CTM routine. Currently I am one acne treatment. Will probably start CTM once I am done with acne treatment. Will give some time for skin to settle down.

1. What is the best face wash for men. Which can also be used a exfoliating. Cetaphil daily facial cleanser or sebamed cleansing foam ?.

2. Best organic toner ?..

3. Can cetaphil moisturizer be used ?.

Sorry for non related question.

Best day cream for men with whitening and 15+SPF..

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I hv used cetaphil as well as sebamed cleansing foam…n if hv to choose its definitely sebamed which claims to kill 1 lakh bacterial in 5 mins n plus gives a good glow but it doesn’t clean well n is better as anti bact face skin is not apst3 so patanjali rose water is good for me.i think am has recommended living proof wala toner but its available online


Hello @rakeshbabu51 Firstly, if you are now on acne treatment, then you do need anti acne cream and anti acne face wash for further use as well, as acne doesn’t have any remedy, it needs a proper skin care.

Secondly, toner is not needed at all! I am saying this because I have used toner myself for 3-4 long years. I used Amway Attitude Toner for oily skin, which contained Alcohol and helped with my pimples (FYI, alcohol in controlled manner helps dry out skin and thus helping with acne)

I also used Lotus Herbals Basiltone Toner, and rose water. And after my experience after skipping toner from my regimen, I can say they are of little use!

1. Sebamed will be preferred by 99% of members here (atleast over Cetaphil! 🙂 ) But in summer Sebamed doesn’t cleanse at all. So I use it after Kaya Soothing cleanser. Forget about face wash for men, you’ll have many options then. Face washes list and Herbal Facewashes

2. As I said, Toner are useless! 😀 😛

3. Cetaphil moisturiser? In summer? Nope! Not at all! For winter? Not in winters too! It is comedogenic and may cause pimples in just 4-5 days if you are not APST  1

For day time use, the Nivia men spf 30 is okay as per the ingredients. I will say rather use night cream for whitening (I am using Kaya night cream) and for day time use Full spectrum sunscreen. I am using Lotus Herbals SPF 40 (it containg Licorice extracts which may help in skin whitening. I don’t know about it because I am not into skin whitening at all! 😀 )


It became a long answer btw, sorry! 😳



Hey akshay & Nikitha thanks both 0f you..

@akshay So you suggest sebamed cleanser| No to toner | and which moisturizer ?.  dont forget to mention moisturizer in your next reply..

Nevia SPF 30 i tried it: it made my skin dry..


Thank you..

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