Dark marks and whiteheads.


Hi AM,

I use Nivea For Men Advanced Whitening Oil Control Face Wash at morning and evening, Nivea For Men Advance Whitening Moisturizer spf30 whenever I’m out and saslic at night.

Still I get acne on my cheeks, chin and nose. These always leave dark marks, the sides of my nose are also dark and pigmented. There are small whiteheads (very small and unnoticeable) all over my face.I have a quite oily skin so please guide what should I do?

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Nivea Advanced whitening will cause acne on some type of skins… It is slightly comedogenic..


shahrukh  go to start here page read articles first then comedogenic ingredients articles then regimn and choose a regimn which suit u…dont use comedogenic products like nivea…suncote sunscreen is good choice for acne prone skin..u have to use proper regimn,

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