Melacare Plus for dark spots?

i had pimples on my face for about 10 years and  it left marks and scars on my face, i have taken so many treatments for my scars like micro dermabraision, scar roller,1 sitting of laser, and many sessions of peel, but after all this i didn’t get the skin i wanted,anyways 5 mnths before my doctor gave me cross {spot peel} session for my scars as well marks and it was the best treatment i ever had , this treatment left black spots on my face for a month but after 1 month i could see the great results, my scars infact the big one shriked, and i m planning to take 2-3 more sessions of it,its much cheaper and effective then any treatment,only u have to wait for a month so that the black spots can heal which comes beacause of the treatment, anyways i still have some black spots and my dr, suggested me to apply MELACARE PLUS cream on my spots at night only,i m using it now, it lightend my marks 5 to 10 % in 15 days, what i have to ask, is this cream ok or should i use something else for fast result for my marks,plz suggest me the best cream for black spots only for fast result. thank you.

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if ur doc advise u then its okay because with ur peeling sessions doc know about ur skin very much than us thats why u have to follow doc advice..tell us after ur peeling sessions how it goes it may help many others

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