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Do you have any suggestions for good deodorants that can be used on the sensitive underarms skin. I feel that some of the deos cause burning sensation for me and Nike deos even caused acne in the armpit. I am currently using Dove regular version.

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Hi Anuja

Even i feel burning sensation & get acne upon usage of deos of nike, dove etc..i m currently using perfumed deo from Burberry which does t cause any such problem, has a very mild but long lasting fragrance..dont know whether it is non-comedogenic or not…


I’ve noticed that stick deodorants, being waxy, cause much less skin irritation even if applied on freshly shaved skin. Dove has stick deos too, maybe try those. Wax could clog pores, but without trying you won’t know.


I have used stick deos looooong time back; but acne was not a part of my life then!!!

It’s time to test them out again!


Nivea Deodarant with whitening extracts of licorice & avocado is very good. No burning at all even when sprayed on freshly bathed skin.

But if you are looking for a good fragrance  from the deo’s you’ve only got to use the regular ones. You get Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s secret body sprays online (Nyka & healthkart, medplus beauty). Those are good too , will not cause acne but cannot guarantee the burning part. Best bet would be to wait for about 10 minutes after a shower to dry the skin completely & then spray the deo. This way, almost certainly , there would be no irritation.


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