DERMA concealers – anyone Used here? Doctors recommend this for covering scars.


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This Derma concealer/foundation was recommended to me by my dermatologist. This company is a sister concern of Kryolan Cosmetics. They say this is very safe for the most sensitive skins & does not clog pores & create more acne, blah, blah, blah.

Well, I do know for one that Kryolan is a heavily recommended brand by most of the Make Up artists/Stylists like Mickey Contractor and the likes.  It is available in only one store in Commercial street opposite West Side store. It’s made in Germany. My doc actually keeps a sample set of this & showed me how to use it & I must say I was impressed. It covers the scars beautifully. The trick she says is to choose a shade that is slightly darker than your skin tone to cover the marks as a lighter one wouldn’t be effective to conceal them. It is reasonably priced at 360/- rs for a small pot. It is absolutely waterproof & requires no touch up ( literally no touch up) for about 8 to 12 hours. All airhostesses use only this product for their make up. They recommend you to use this along with their base, concealer & their finishing/setting powder to get the full done up effect but I could see only the concealer at the store.

Now the bad news – I read the ingredients list & almost fell off the chair, I do think it contains comedogenic ingredients with beeswax & hydrogenated castor oil being some of them.

Will run a check with skingredients & give the final verdict. Maybe this post is useful to some. If anyone has used this before, please share your feedback to this question. Thanks.

AM- can you throw any brilliant light on this? 🙂

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Oh I have this li`l pot of wonder…no it isnt non comedogenic but it doesnt exactly cause more breakouts…but what I dislike about the Dermacolor concealer (That`s a name – the range is dermacolor by kryolan ) , it looks too madeup. and for me , madeuppy ness is a big no no. Sadly. But it conceals well. and yes you need the setting powder to turn it waterproof.


Hi lalita,
i use kryolan and i can vouch for it that there is no other product that can so effectively conceal scars.but if u use it 9 to 5 everyday it can clog your pores.i use it only when its a special outing.

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