Dermaroller at home in addition with topical treatment?


Hi  AM, I am following a regime for pitted scars which is as follows..

Morning-sebamed cleanser+suncote

evening-kaya soothing cleansing gel

nigth-aha glow+gycovira (glyco acid 12%)

It has been 10 days i am following the regime.I wanted to know will the same regime will be more effective if used with dermaroller at home. I had dermaroller treatment 4-5 times earlier. But will be using at home for the first time

What regime should I follow along with dermaroller at home. What should be the length of the needle and at what duration should dermaroller be used?


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Hi Navi, 0.5 mm length needle is the minimum length required to see some effect. This length when used regularly would help in better product penetration and also induce collagen to some extent. You can roll once a week.

This is what I do :
1) sterilise the roller before and after rolling ;
2) roll the area to be treated in a star like pattern 4 times each ;
3) splash some water to soothe the skin after rolling and let it airdry ;
4) moisturize with a light moisturizer like aloe vera gel
5) absolutely no makeup not even compact the next day , only skincare and very very strictly sunscreen


@Lavanya, @navi,

Gals from where you bought the dermaroller and what is the price….Can you please post the details here –

So that it will guide people who are planning to use dermaroller at home  :mrgreen:

Thank you,



@navi – I am in same boat as you  :mrgreen:

I mean i do have pitted scars too…  and i use dermaroller at home…

I use 1mm needles for scars….. Also be CAREFUL dont go the rollers who have many needles like some rollers is having 540 needles … its a big NO….. i use 1 mm roller and it has 192 needles….

I hope this information helps.



0 I got my roller from here. For more information on rolling see this site

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