Good dermatologist in Bangalore?


Hi all. It seems a derma visit is on the cards for me within the next one week or so. Hence if any of you in Bangalore know any good doctors who could help me out then please tell the same. I did some research on google but just want some personalized opinions that I can trust. Waiting for your answers. Ciao 🙂

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Hi, I was referred to Dr. Sujaya Hegde , who practices on CMH road, Indira Nagar for the past 20 yrs I believe.  You can google her name for the exact address & contact numbers. I had been to her 2 weeks back & found her to be quite nice, was willing to answer questions & one of the better dermatologists I have been to. She gave precise instructions on how to use products & did not put me on any medication or too many creams unnecessarily. Their clinic is quite spacious & nice, very professional & the best part is their pharmacy stocks everything from Sebamed, Avene Triacneal, Suncote, Suncros, Ansolar, Clindamycin Gels, Retino , the complete works!!

She was recommended to me by my Endocrinologist who said she was very popular in that area & very good. You can try her out if it close to your place.

What I liked best was she approved all the products Acne Mantra has recommended & asked me to continue with the same. Hope this info helps.


Consult a Homoeopathic Physician for complete cure of acne and skin diseases that iz the best option.


Hi sumit, i wud suggest Dr. syed salauddin in R.T nagar



I went to Dr. Health for homeopathic treatment of acne seeing their ads all over Bangalore mirror. I took 6 months course but it did not improve my acne condition one bit. So I don’t suggest that.

I was seeing Dr. Rashmi (RxDx and Yashomati hospital – Whitefield) – she helped me in controlling the acne.


Any suggestions for BTM/JP Nagar/Jayanagar/Koramangala?


devjgd, have you gone for a homeopathy treatment? Did it work for you? Do tell!


Hi Sumit..This is my doctor,she is good..
You can try this


Hello all. Extremely sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the suggestions. have not taken the jump yet as  I am seeing a bit of improvement by following my regimen. Hopefully everything works out. Thanks again. 🙂

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