Dermatologist visit – poked needles in the face?


I have been to  dr meena makheja at Mumbai. . I wanna know why she poked  my facd with needle and some instruments. . It was really hurting. . After that she put some medicine eith injecyion on my face.. she didn’t inject but just put it on my face.. why did she fo that??

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Look, as a functioning intelligent person, YOU are the advocate for your care. Someone will probably be able to tell you the answer to your questions.


But you should always. always ask your doctor what she’s doing. Don’t let her dismiss your questions. Don’t let her get away with vague answers. These are questions you should have asked her, and asked her then. If you get overwhelmed with questions, write them down in a list, and tell your doctor, I’d like to have some doubts cleared first. And then hold that list and go through all the questions.

If new questions come up, make a note of them, and get them cleared too.


A doctor who is unwilling to give you at least basic answers to your questions may be doing very good things to you medically, but she is also taking away your right to information about what is being done to your own body. Don’t let her behaviour put you off – sometimes we back down because they seem to be in a hurry, or are very important and busy. At the moment that she is consulting with you, YOU are her focus and YOU are the person whom she is treating. You are entitled at that moment to her attention. Make use of it!


In India, we tend to either  not ask our doctors questions, or let them get away with brushing us off. Don’t fall into this habit.


This applies to your dermatologist, your GP, any doctor you go to who prescribes something for you or performs some procedure on you. Ask! Ask what it is. Do not come out of there with something you have no clue about. You will be going to doctors through your life for various things, and you must not let them walk over you!


Did the pain continue after the treatment was done? Do you see any effects of it, has there been any improvement, worsening?



Was it a dermaroller treatment for acne scars and wrinkles? A dermaroller is a small cylindrical type of instrument that has very tiny needles on it. It is used to injure the facial skin, so that the new skin that comes is free from the old scars and issues. Read more about dermaroller to find out if that is what she used.

There are also some steroid injections that are put directly on the active acne to reduce swelling and redness fast (especially needed when you have some big event to attend).

Whatever be the case, ALWAYS ask the doctor what she is doing and what each step is for in a procedure. The doctor should’ve explained the procedure to you. Don’t be afraid to ask the exact ingredients of the medicines, what are the uses of those ingredients, how will they work on the skin, and so on…


True that- what Rohini and Anuja said. In India, we are discouraged from asking questions right from our childhood. And specially to doctors. Even doctors scoff at you if you ask too many questions. The general attitude is- will you understand what we are going to tell you? Only a few docs are patient enough to answer you.


This is one of the reasons why I don’t like homeopathy. They just give you some pills and won’t even tell you the names of what they are giving you. You are supposed to show trust in the doctors when they don’t trust you with the names of what you are supposed to swallow.


Ouch.. while reading only i feel how pain you would have been at that time 🙁


she put needle in ur face wao what is the name of this horrible treatment,is it acupanture like treatment,if she is known dermatologist then she do right thing for u,she kno better than us i hope,,can u pls tell us the name of this treatment


Pinky – You also didn’t mentioned what skin issues you are having ? May be based on that we would be able to figure  out the doctor treatment


Hello all

Have few pimples here and there..


Thats clean up I guess.. to remove blackheads etc…  and some docs poked pimples I guess. .


Hi Pinky..How are you?
There are two possibilities from what you have described..
1)Dermaroller as suggested by Anuja..
2)A procedure called Subcision,which matches from what you are describing..Similar to dermaroller ..
It is always advisable to interact with doctors and clears your doubts and queries..You pay them for consultation right,so go ahead and ask them whenever you need..It is their duty to answer and guide you properly..No need to feel shy or hesitate in asking them..
I agree with Anuja and Rohini on this one !!


Hello teju

I asked they call it clean up.. usual thing. .

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