Doubts and my regimen :(


Hey everyone @acnemantra ,i recently got my avene triacneal and my skin is looking smoother , so i have a few ramdon doubts that keeps pooping in my mind and i thought i would put them all at one place lol,

1)this is my skincare routine,is it okay?:-

>morning- Kaya soothing gel then sebamed foam

-kaya reviatilizing tonic and then Missha snail treatment (u might not have heard of this )

-Essence (skinandlab vitamin bk or missha white cure activator etc)(its pretty much safe)

-Suncote gel

Afternoon @ 6pm:-

Here is the confusion:-

i have sports and after that i want to wash my face with “kaya soothing gel” as it cleans all the sweat and suncreen away and thats fine

but at night i want to use only sebamed,(since i don’t need to deep cleanse face as its already clean since i did in the afternoon)then continue to my avene triacneal but but!my doubts is –

2)What about the ph level ??

Sebamed is suppose to set it to ph5.5 which is great but the avene works at a ph way lower than that so i though it might not be ideal, but using kaya 3 times a day makes my skin really dry. 🙁

also this is my last question lol!

3) i hear that vitamin b3(niacinamide) and vitamin c cancels out each other , how are is this true? but i saw many products with both of them together like facemed etc

Thanks =)



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Hiya Lima, I think you needn’t worry about the pH set by Sebamed Foam. That’s because 5.5 or roundabout would be the pH of normal, healthy skin anyway, Sebamed Foam or not. If Triacneal were to go on healthy, pH balanced skin, then it would still work, no? Also, face washes are supposed to leave the pH of the skin undisturbed, but not all of them do so. Sebamed at night should be okay.


So unless you are setting the pH way higher, to alkaline levels, with a leave-product before applying Triacneal, I’d say not to worry. Triacneal itself contains retinaldehye which works best at a neutral pH, but also glycolic acid which works best at an acidic pH. Triacneal overall has a pH of about 3.5.


Using Niacinamide and Ascorbic Acid together isn’t recommended, you’re right. (I love it when people ask this kind of questions!). It depends on whether Facemed contains ascorbic acid form of vitamin C, that is, vitamin C, straight up or a derivative of it, which is common – in order to prevent skin irritation. If a derivative is used, then it only gets convered to ascrobic acid (which can ruin both B3 and itself in a mixture) after it is absorbed into the skin. Still, it is not the best combination, I agree. Asking Ethicare for their thoughts on this could bring out new information.

LOL about the pop-poop typo! 😛


Lol, i mean pop-ing not poop and also i want to wash my face before sleeping which means 3 times a day..


Thank you @acnemantra ,loved how you cleared my doubts ,now im gona start using sebamed at night 🙂 great!! and about the vitamin c and b3 part, i think m gona use vitamin c at night along with triacneal and b3 at day time.

Btw not sure it is because of triacneal but my skin in some areas (not dry nor irritated) like chin and a tiny area in the forehead(its also turned reddish) ,there am experiencing some pain when touching the skin ,also in my nose there was a red mark which was left by an old pimple and i thought it would go away but now in the same spot i have another much bigger and painful pimple there and its spreading around my nose area nearby with like no or tiny bumps with red spots and hurts to touch, am i developing cystic acne ? nuuuuuh! lol i feel like my skin is full of paradox!

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