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Surely community would be boring without entertainment. It seems we need have some fun here by creating entertaining threads. With this we can create good rapport with each other and everyone would feel happy to visit the community often. Howzzz idea?

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Hi All,

I do not intend to be a spoilsport … i still feel that if this becomes an entertainment area the sanctity of the site would get lost. You have lotta social networking sites to have fun. But there is only one ACNEMANTRA which has details that many acne sufferers like us need.

According to me .. discussions about glomed, kojivit, suncote would be better than something like… what you did today, which hero you like and so on.

This is my personal opinion. Thank You


Oh I`m in. I`m really good at this , I promise 😛 ^_^


Wow … 🙂


Okay. I will create threads. Let’s rock the community !


Venki, this is a terrific idea. Yes, we could all do with some entertainment to relieve the heaviness that sometimes comes over when we’ve all discussed too much acne and too many scars.

Guys @keepcalmandcureacne, @abinaya, @kev85, @akshaykshardul, @sandy and basically everyone chip in with your ideas too! 🙂


Adding @nerd too



I’ve created a thread. Visit it.



My intention behind this idea is to make entertainment a part of the community not to make whole community an entertainment place.

Though I need advice on acne very much compared to others, mostly I feel bored in the presence of everyone here. I too want to provide advice here but because of lack of intimacy with people here I never wanted to do that.

A community would fare very well when there is intimacy among each other. Intimacy can be created only through entertainment. Think about it.


@boss, ha ha don’t worry, Acne Mantra will always be about acne. 🙂 It will never become all about song and dance. Little fun exercises like these will hopefully help people loosen up a bit. That’s all. The idea is to build a stronger community, even if by way of small talk.


Many people feel that responding to others’ questions is out of their league and will require technical know-how. Simpler tasks like posting product reviews and chit-chatting with others in threads like these builds their confidence and helps them feel like they are contributing to the community too.


These are just different channels for people to help out in whatever way they can. Kind of like giving back in their own style.


What happens is, many people come to Acne Mantra, post their questions, want only a single person to answer, asap, nothing less, post reminders about why their question is taking a “few hours” to get answered, and when it is answered, they run with it. No obligation to even leave a note of thanks. Only later, to come back with another deluge of questions.


Such people are missing out, because when they start interacting with other people in the community, by way of small talk or by posting simple stuff like “hang in there, I’m in the same boat as you”, they will find that other people start coming to answer their questions. Many times, those answers are much better than what I can provide, since I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t have all the best answers all the time.


Hopefully, lightening up a bit will help people feel more at ease here.  Don’t feel under any pressure to participate in any area of the website that you don’t feel comfortable with. 🙂


Yeah plus threads can be in the form of public messages and status updates , they do not have to get into the question and answer section you know  , so therefore , the information is also there – unpolluted and unrummaged , whereas you have your daily trivia and entertaining conversations in the status update threads ^_^ ^_^ Happiness for eveeeeeeryone ^_^


Good idea!
This way,we could all get to know each other better and at the same time also deal with what we all have in common-Acne of course


Did I heard entertainment? Does this means fun? I am in! 😀

Actually, doing this from long time with some members like @priyankam87 , @ashu6074 , @jhumki-chatterjee , @keepcalmandcureacne , and of course , @acnemantra .! via public messages. 🙂

How about a separate section? Nothing extra ordinary to be required over there, just a list of public messages.

Guys, everyone one facebook? We can create a group (secret group) over there!



Wow.. This is very interesting. Yey… Its going to be fun.

@acnemantra The time I spend on ancnemantra is 5-6 times more than the time I spent on FB. It is going to be fun now..:P


Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your support ! :))

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