Excessive oliy skin with inflamed pimples even after following starter regimen


Hi Sonal/AM/friends,

I have a very oily skin with open pores, whiteheads n blackheads which soon turn into painful pimples. I have started following the starter regimen as mentioned on Acne Mantra and strictly following it. Morning : Sebamed foam facewash
Evening : Kaya soothing cleansing gel followed by triacneal.
I still get excessive oil on face in the morning which goes after washing but again comes after every 3-4 hours. n worse part is that i am still getting painful inflamed small pimples on my cheeks(problem area on my face) which starts with red inflamed skin and turns into a white bump. i have continued 1st week regimen for the second week as well but no change in oiliness n i’m still getting 2-3 new painful pimples everyday :(. Also, from past 3-4 days i have started taking baidyanath rakhtshodhak bati but i could’nt see ny effect on the oiliness of my skin (3-4 days might seem too early but i heard that it starts showing results from the very next day itself)
Is their any mistake i am doing in following the regimen or if anyone could suggest a solution to my problem?

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Hiya Anu, are you using any makeup products along with this skincare? Are you on any medication or using any nutritional supplements? Are you also experiencing hair fall, bodyache, lethargy, uncontrolled weight gain or menstrual problems? Are you using any kind of nuts or seeds such as almonds, pumpkin seeds etc.? Let me know so we can put our heads together and figure out what could be spoiling your results.



The skincare routine sounds fine. What you could do for the morning is wash face with Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel first. Then wash with Sebamed Foam. Leave the foam on for 3-4 minutes before washing it off. This should help control the oiliness for now. Also, from your description it sounds like you are in the 2nd week of the Starter Regimen. The pimples will not disappear or stop coming overnight after the first week. If any skincare product could do that, it would be sold much more expensively than Triacneal. 🙂 Hang in there, we’ll figure it out.


Hi Sonal,
Thanx for replying..:) I am not using any other product from the past two weeks and yaa i would have waited for 4 weeks to show the regimen its effect completely but two weeks has completed already and i’m confused whether to go to 2nd step (add sunscreen and kojivit in the regimen ) or not. Thats why thought of asking you before only.
My periods are regular and comfortable but apart from dat i’m experiencing rest of the symptoms u told. I also get pimples few days before my periods.
M taking soaked almonds in the morning and take flax seeds frequently during the day (for Omega3 fatty acid 😛 ).
I would like to mention that the redness have definitely reduced after i started the regimen but the new 1-2 painful bumps evryday is what is bothering me.
Honestly i have read a lot of info and people’s experiences mentioned in ur website(really motivating) and m in no hurry becoz i have these problems from past 4-5 years (nothing during my teens:( ) and i believe it might take time, but, like others here came out of their problem ,sooner or later i will too.. 🙂


Bingo! There you have it – so many clues. Flaxseed is notorious for causing acne. It is said that the phytoestrogens in it cause acne. This has been the experience of many community members here including mine. It looks like it increases oiliness too, leading to clogged pores which can result in painful acne.


In India, these days flaxseed is the new fad food and for a good reason too, because of its high omega-3 content. But it is a major acne perpetrator in those prone to hormonal imbalance. There are acne-safe alternatives to flaxseed for getting omega-3’s, but before you jump into adding any new supplement, please completely cut out flaxseed and almonds for now.


Concentrated doses of ingredients that go into our systems can completely nullify the effects of any skincare we may be using. This is the reason, the regimen is a ‘Starter’ Regimen.  People who could not achieve full clearing with it made dietary changes alongside and got clear. We have many success stories like this. The few I can recall from the top of my head are thisthis and this. They will help you with pointers, please read.


Do not add sunscreen / Kojivit just yet. Continue with Sebamed + Kaya Cleansing Gel + Triacneal for another 2 weeks. Things should calm down a bit with these changes. If not, the post I linked to mentions certain medical tests that you could get done and start treatment. That will get you back on track to clear skin. It’s great you are approaching this slowly and step by step. I understand how horrible acne is, but actions taken in panic can ruin months of progress. Good luck, keep us posted. 🙂



Thanks a lot Sonal!! 🙂
I will strictly follow and get back to you with the results .. 🙂

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