faces concealer comedogenic or non- comedogenic?


Faces profix beaufixe corrector (not stick.. Round one).. Is it safe to use? I tried searching on net but no luck..

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May be the below link can be of some help. There is nothing mentioned about the ingredient list though…that coming from a brand like faces..surprised..:)


A friend gifted it to my sis… She is btwn apst 1-2.. Bt i wantd to b sure abt it before she could use it


Nimi, could you type the ingredients of the concealer here? Or take a picture and upload it in this question page by clicking the “add media” button at the top left of the answer box?


Hi AM… The ingreadients arent mentioned 🙁
This is the link:


Any make-up pros out there??


I am in a helping mood today, and I consider myself pretty good at googling. But this one stumped me. It has no trace of it on the Internet. Probably Rajnikanth hit it so hard, that even Google can’t find it 🙂


So if you can’t find the ingredients on the product, and even google can’t find it, then skip it. Mind it! Probably Rajni saar hit it for a reason.


@preetam.. Mind it:P.. .faces is a decent brand…god knows why isnt thr any info available.

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