Facial wipes or baby wipes bad for acne prone skin?


hi..are baby wipes or facial wipes bad for acne prone skin?
because they remove make up well specially kajal?
is it alright to use?

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Most of these baby wipes or skincare wipes , leave a residue of sunscreen , fairness product or glycerin (moisturising ones ) on the skin and that can block the pores of APST 2 and especially 3 type skin. If you wipe off the makeup and then thoroughly remove the residue from the wipe with a face wash like the Kaya soothing cleansing gel as Acnemantra guru suggested , then it shouldnt cause any problems. Most often than not these wipes contain silicon oil or some form of silicone which you might be allergic to , and it might cause imflammation and redness or block your pores. Not all silicones are core clogging though , but you should steer clear of them if your skin breaks out too easily.

You can try these wipes if you can order them (they arent available yet in india ) Acnefree wipes , they have salicylic acid in them , which can keep your pores unclogged on a hot summers day (for the face NOT the eye area) .

Or you can try a natural witch hazel toner to clear off oiliness , and Johnson`s baby oil or coldpressed soulflower oils (jojoba ) to remove eye makeup with cotton and then wash up with a face wash that works for you. Check out the Double Cleansing post for more information.


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I have not been too happy using Johnsons baby oil for sunscreen removal. Even though I wash off the oil completely somehow it still seems iffy. Intending to move to jojoba or grapeseed oil- which one do you think is a better option ?


i guess jojoba is better option..heard some good points about it..
also have seen acne products containing jojoba oil..would it be a wrong to wash face 2 times continuously?

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