Meglow Whitening Men’s Face Cream comedogenic?


Meglow Whitening Men’s Face Cream is comedogenic or non comedogenic ?

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If you give us the ingredient list we can skingredient it and let you know.


Hi Amit..First go through these links and learn what are comedogenic and non comedogenic ingredients..

Comedogenic Ingredients in Skin Care Products in India

Then There is this awesome tool and app called “Skingredients”,use that to find if the product is comedogenic or not..

Check if a Product Will Cause Pimples, Instantly

It really helps doing some homework before you post questions like whether “is it comedogenic or not”..


Hi Amit, without ingredients, it is not possible to tell if this cream is comedogenic. As suggested by the nice folks above, use the Skingredients tool if you have the list of ingredients.


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