First day of first week of starter regimen , my skin have become very very dry , can I use any moisurizer ?


Hi acnemantra,

My skin is dry before starting  starter regime, and after using first day my skin become very very dry. When I clean my face with sebamed face wash, it become dry that I can’t even laugh feel so stretchy. what to do ?

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My skin is dry….


Hi Priyan..There is no need to panic..Acne treatments causes dryness/peeling so its pretty normal..
First thing reduce the frequency of Triacneal..
Initially Triacneal should be used 2-3 times in a week with a good oil free moisturizer like sebamed clear face gel or aloe veda aloe vera gel..
You can discontinue Triacneal for 3-4 days until skin returns to normal..If there is too much dryness,apply Neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combination skin without spf..
Once the skin heals go for lighter moisturizers like aloe vera gels..
Also do not use any harsh facewashes,continue with Sebamed or Kaya cleansers..


Ahh.. if your skin is oily then apply moisturizer then wash your face with water after 5-10 mins.


I think you are using too much quantity of face wash or acne creams. First reduce the quantity.

And i dont see  any harm dabbing the moisturizer on the dry areas.




hi priyan ,first ur skin is dry not oily ok ,you start starter regimn for what what is the condition of ur skin ,do u have pimples if yes then how much and from how much time ,,do u have dark marks or flaking ,peeling on skin,and did u recently take any medicine,met dermalogist before starting starter regimn or use any creams or gels for ur pimple ,,u have to use moisturizer like sebamed clear face gel with starter regimn, pls first tell us about these things ok,,


Pimples are with me From my teenage. that time my skin is very oily. but now iam 29 year old i break out in red, itchy, dry patches on my face. The bumps are very small. Its mostly concentrated on my t zone. Dry patches near mouth.


Priyan.starter regime is meant to be for the skin which is oily and prone to acne.if u had dry skin.did u have acne and if not why did u choose tell the basics first then one could help u out.meanwhlie,u just use a good moisturiser like cetaphil lotion on ur entire face .u would feel better.




Priyan,most of us associate acne with oily skin.however,it is not uncommon that u have dry skin as well as acne happens especially in adults.
As u have been facing acne breakouts since ur teenage.i rule out the case of rosacea which also looks like acne.
In ur case first of all u have to take care of the dryness before thinking for acne treatment.CLEANSER-use a mild netural cleaser like cetaphil cleansing lotion to wash ur face twice a day.
MOISURISER-use cetaphil moisturiser as it will serve both the purpose moisturising dry skin without clogging the pores.
SUNSCREEN-use a water based sunsreen like suncote or suncross aqua view is that suncross will be the better choice in ur case
Once u get the skin well hydrated then u can go for the anti acne treatments like triacneal,glyco 6 ,retin a,keracnyl etc.


Thank u so much for suggestions…

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