Foundation for very oily and shiny skin.


Hello Am, I am looking for a good foundation for my very oily and shiny skin, Also also suffer from mild acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Most of the foundations I have used so far become dull and dark within an hour of application and also do not stay put for long.  I want something that has a matte finish so that my skin stops shining like a disco ball, and also waterproof so that it does not come off in very hot and humid weather.

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Revlon colorstay for oily/combination skin , is a good choice for the above requirements.


Thank you keep calm for your reply, but it has been discontinued and is not available anywhere. Do you where is is available?


Revlon Colorstay is making a comeback in a new packaging in probably higher pricing. Another option for medium coverage is Chambor Sheer Delight Ultra Matte Foundation. Yet another is Revlon New Complexion foundation. For foundation that stays put in hot summer, Revlon Colorstay might be better.


Hi @dhara , I have used Chambor Sheer Delight Matte foundation. its gave me good coverage and face look matte finish. and also it contain only one mildly comedogenic ingredient [Dimethicone]. and also used lakme absolute white intense skin cover. its give a good full coverage. and good at oil control too.


Thank you AM and Sandra for your recommendations, I have seen excellent reviews on revlon color stay, but have also heard that the  formulation in the new 24hr formula with pump has changed and is very dissapointing and no where as good as the old one. Chambor one looks great for me and what do you think about lotus ecostay/purestay, As I do not breakout much,  and the breakouts are  mostly due to hormonal changes. Is a primer necessary in any of the foundations, does it make a difference?

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