Further advise needed on whiteheads and creams


Hello angels,

I am back to ask you for advise. Post my last query ,I have amended my skin care routine as follows :

MOrning : Wash with Aha glow ,apply sebamed gel

Bath: wash with aha glow ,sebamed gel

Afternoon before stepping out to office: rinse with water apply talc…to prevent oiliness…as per your suggestions no make up no sunscreen

evening : before taking kids to play : wash with aha glow  apply gel

night : wash with sebamed,cleanse with living cell toner and apply glyco 6

I am taking liv 52 to “detox” and baidyanath rakht  capsules

My problems are these:

my skin turns oily and glossy after 1.5 hrs of a face wash, can I put on any thing to mattify my skin

My peskiest point of whiteheads in my nose and the area between my lower lip and chin…Any special tips on the same ?

I want to use a sunscreen, u advised me to stay off the  lotus 3 in one matte…I have the lotus gel too ..when and how do I apply

I also have got the kaya nourishing night cream and kaya pigmentation reducer , how do I use it

I now have very tiny white heads which neither graduate into pimples( I am glad for that ) nor go away ..they just sit there on my face …How will they go…Will the glyco 6 make them fall off ?

Last but the least ..I  want to thank you guys as I have not got any new eruptions on my face for the past 2  mths ( a new  record so to say !) …..Now I just need to tackle the white heads and scars ….but how can I get really nourished looking skin after that ?

Love u guys for your help….I am calling you angels as you truly are that…u have fulfilled my wishes and made me smile for photos with my kids

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hi jo..congrats,im very happy on ur progress 🙂
u are washing ur face too many times …u shouldnt wash more than 2-3 times in day..dont wash ur face with aha glow more than 2 times in a day as it can cause more dryness/peeling..washing ur face so times in a day can lead excess sebum production thereby making it more oily..
instead morning wash ur face with water and use aha glow when u take bath..then evening back from office u can wash with aha glow..night if required then use mild cleanser like sebamed..
no make up until week 3 in the starter regimen..but use sunscreen after week 1..and do add a oil free moisturizer..
talc is mildly comedogenic..
if u are looking for oil control then look into these options

8+ Face Cleansers for Oily to Very Oily Skin

i had whiteheads(not cystic) saslic made a lot of difference plus helped with oil control..
if u are using lip balm they usually acne near chin and lip area as lip balm are loaded with oils..and if u do threading that can also lead to acne in that area..
suncote is very good option for oil free sunscreen..
glyco 6 will help with acne by treating acne and scars..
since ur acne is under control,try cpp regimen for marks..

CPP Process to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast

since u already have kaya night cream and kaya pigmenation its good..
atlernate glyco/keracynl/avene triacneal with kaya night cream at nights..and apply kaya pigmentation reducer twice a day..
honestly in my opinion clean up just made my acne with starter and cpp regimen skin is thought i share this with u..
just follow a good regimen which includes a good facewash(preferably glycolic acid ones),oil free sunscreen,oil free moisturizer,topical application(exfoliant)..
hope this helps..
take care 🙂

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