Gentle Anti-dandruff shampoo??


So, since 2 years my HG shampoo has been Loreal Professional Instant Clear shampoo. It kept my dandruff at bay and my acne relatively in check. It was a standard white formula, a strong basic clearing shampoo. Lately however the formula has been changed. “ZnPt + Citric Acid” is what it says. Its a light blue formula almost exactly the same as Head and Shoulders lemon. It leaves my hair all eroded, I feel like a layer has been stripped off, and while rinsing too all the hair sticks together like a mass.. its weird. It washes weird and dries weird and feels harsher yet not as effective. I also have more hairfall. Now, I’ve been alternating with Dove Daily Care (the green one). I suspect its the reason for my increased outbreaks.

Im looking for a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo for daily use. Something which is sufficiently clarifying for the scalp yet doesnt strip hair. I have moderate dandruff, I think. Any suggestions?

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Is your hair oily? If it is, then you should totally try the Body Shop Ginger anti dandruff shampoo, because it is fantastic. You can still use it if your hair is dry but then you must use a conditioner and/or serum.


You could try Head and Shoulders, if you aren’t having a dandruff emergency. They have several variants and you can pick and choose what you’re using.


Himalaya Herbals does a very nice dandruff cream, which worked great for me. And then you can use a normal gentle shampoo of your choice.


(As an aside, rosemary tea is a fantastic rinse for dandruff prone hair and scalps. Instantly soothing and even conditioning.)




And I want to add that its not critical.. no visible flaking or itchiness whatsoever. Just after 2 days of not washing i notice little white things on my scalp (eww). Combing will lead them to fall out (gross). But not those huge flying flakes they adveritse in Head and Shoulders ad 😀

Maybe its just oily scalp??

0 And these.


Yes it IS quite oily.. i have to wash alternate days.. thanks 🙂


Neha you can try Vichy Anti Dandruff Shampoo..


Neha ,as ur suffering from dandruff than u must ketoconazole shampoo(nizoral) at leat once or twice a week to keep a check on dandruff.Dandruff can cause itchiness and hairfall.


Try The body shop ginger shampoo.


Arocolane ( with Ketaconzole ) is very good

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