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Before 1 year I give pimples traetment ….my face is full of big type of pimples filled with pu… near about 4 months my face clear….but now the pimples are starts as usual…..please suggest me one best cream for pimples. …dr advise me clinoxid gel 5%, sebonac, Nadoxin A, Nilac-A gel, Deriva cms gel

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Hi Sujit, the thing is, no one single cream can clear the skin as long as the rest of the products you are using are wrong for you. You had mentioned in an update that you used Baba Ramdev products and got more pimples.

Please list all of the products you are currently using on the face such as face wash, shaving cream, moisturizer and any other products, not just the acne cream. Acne is a much deeper issue than a single cream can handle.

All the creams that you mentioned your doctor prescribed, did you use them as spot treatments only on pimples or all over the acne prone areas? Which of these do you have with you currently? Please answer these questions so we can figure out a good routine for you. I can’t say anything about best acne cream etc. Best for one isn’t the best for everyone. Some people here have got marvellous results with Sebonac, but others actually got more pimples with it. So best acne cream will depend on your skin’s needs.


Now days I have used patanjali mint face wash, vi john shaving cream, zevers astringent, suncross sunscreen lotion, fair & handsome fairness cream & at night Nilac A gel
Now On my face cheeks some white pu pimples & 1-2 big under skin bump pimples are there


As u suggest I have purchased ahaglow face wash plz suggest me best routine regarding my pimples problem currently I use nilac A gel on pimples only but it is somewhat go to finish & rare effective


Hi Sujit, yes, AHAglow is a good choice. Use it twice a day, morning and evening to wash the face. Massage it into the skin for a whole 1 minute, then wash it off.


Stop using all these products –  patanjali mint face wash, vi john shaving cream, zevers astringent, suncross sunscreen lotion, fair & handsome fairness cream. For shaving, use AHAGlow itself. If shaving with AHAGlow makes the skin very dry, get yourself a bottle of Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin. Shave using that, then wash face with AHAGlow.


At night, apply a thin layer of Nilac A Gel all over the acne prone areas – if you get pimples on the cheeks and forehead, for example, then apply a thin layer on those areas. Leave it on for the whole night. If this makes skin very dry or causes a burning sensation, use it every alternate night. For now, stop using Suncross Lotion since it is comedogenic (causes pimples). You will need to protect your face from the sun by using a helmet or cap or a cloth during this time. Once pimples start to reduce, you will be able to slowly add back new products – but certainly not Fair & Handoms etc. but safer alternatives to that.


For now, just try the routine I suggested for 3 weeks and then let me know. If you see any problems in between, then let me know too. This routine is not a guarantee, but a good acne-safe routine to follow to bring pimples under control fast. Do not be in a hurry to add newer products or fairness creams.




Thanks AM I will follow ur suggestions & contact u later

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