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Hello friends,

I am using AHAGlow and Glyco 6 from last 2 days.  I am waiting for few days to see the positive effects of both 🙂 . My worry is that neither I felt irritation nor drying after using them ( which most users mentioned) . Is it normal? Hope it is working for my skin.



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It is completely normal Sandy. 🙂 Everyone’s skin behaves in different way, yours might be tolerating it completely! And give it some 10 days more to some good effect. (hope for the best!)

What else are you using along with these two products?


yes sandy. Akshay is right. Everyone’s  skin reacts in different way.   In my case dryness occurred suddenly after one week of continuous usage of Ahaglow and Glyco6.  So you’ll have to keep a watch. Goodluck !!


Thank you Akshay and NS.. One of my friend has little deep scars so can you suggest any good cream or regimen? He also has uneven skin tone with dark neck from behind.



Currently I am not using any other products ( I stopped everything) not even sunscreen. Actually sunscreen had left my skin dark and greasy in d past so I do not want it now.


For little deep scars, see Yugard , Retino creams. Use search box to find out other member’s experience about it and loads of questions on it.

This is a question on Tanning on neck with teju’s answer on it.

You can use the search box to find out more on that!



Fine, no need to add anything currently. Which sunscreen have you used?

But, You must and MUST add sunscreen (prefer suncote) after 2 weeks of AHAglow+glyco 6, however greasy it might be feeling.

Also, you might feel the need of adding some moisturiser as skin does go dry using glyco 6 and ahaglow, as @nehas mentioned in another question as well.



Hello Akshay,

I had used Lotus sunscreen which is still lying (more than 3/4) on my shelf.  I had even tried searching for Suncote after reading from your blog in nearby pharmacies but it was out of stock. AHAglow and Glyco 6 I got after some difficulties.

I mostly be indoor so do I really need to use suncreen? I travel for 2 mins in the morning at 9am in the sun and come back late in the evening.


ha ha! It’s not MY blog! it’s OUR blog! community rather!

Anyways, try getting suncote online. It is the safest of all.

And I”ve used and am using Lotus SPF 40 daily. It has not made me dark. In fact, my complexion has increased by that product!

You need to include sunscreen, or else, you’ll turn more darker as glyco 6 and ahaglow will exfoliate your skin  and sun will torture your fresh skin.

It doesn’t matter indoors or outdoors, sunny or rainy or cloudy, sunscreen is required.


🙂 🙂 ya ya its OUR blog.

Which sunscreen of Lotus will be the best? Can you also suggest me any moisturizer? Well , acne are no more there. Is there any cream which will moisturize as well as protect from sun?


Hey sandy have you seen these links? Best Face cleansers , Best Face washes  ,Best Sunscreen.

Moisturise and protect from sun? a BB cream? search BB cream in search box. Although they are not full proof safe, but you can take a look.


Hey  thanks Akshay


Sandy, no wonder all of us are look out for such a product which can serve  both the purpose. One of such product MIGHT be Sunprotek. But we’ll knw only after AM confirms it. so hav patience and be in touch!!


Thank you Neha. I will wait for the confirmation.

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